Kodi Whitepaper

Additional features

Secondary features within the $KODI tokenomics

🔐 Kodi Treasury Contract

The KODI Treasury is a smart contract which will have CookieSale and Pitch revenue deposited directly into it. The smart contract uses the revenue (BNB) allocated to buy KODI tokens which are kept secure in said contract. At regular intervals the team will be using these KODI tokens to perform burns (20% of the treasury tokens) and to top up staking pools and farms in order to keep an attractive APY%. (80% of the treasury tokens).

Revenue will be divided as follows:

  • 20% Burn
  • 80% Staking and Farming Pools
Treasury Contract Address: 0x59116B02E6842c018309d147815B367f2D66bb86

🚫 Anti-Dump Protection

Any transaction selling more than 0.2% of total supply will be denied. This prevents massive one-time sales that could negatively impact the token price.

📈 Extra 1% Sell fee:

There is an extra 1% sell fee on top of the initial 11% transaction tax (1% added to Liquidity Pool).
Total sell fee = 12% (3% token reflections + 3% marketing and development + 1% buyback + 1% staking + 2% liquidity pool + 2% salary)