Kodi Whitepaper

Staking Pools

You can stake $KODI as another method of passive income

What is Staking?

Staking is growing in popularity as a utility in the decentralized space. It provides Kodi token holders an additional method to earn passive income.
The staking process is initiated via a token holder locking their tokens into a staking pool instead of holding them in a web3 wallet (i.e. Metamask, TrustWallet). The staking pool contract then rewards the staker for the lock-up of tokens by slowly releasing additional free tokens on top of the individual's original staked amount.

How do I begin Staking?

Our staking contracts were developed via our partners at Brewlabs and are currently available through their website. Staking reflections are in $KODI with a variable APR. There is no minimum amount required to stake.
There are two staking pools available:
Flexible Pool
  • 2% tax in
  • 0% tax out
90-Day Lock Pool
  • 0% tax in
  • 0.1% tax out

Follow these steps to begin staking your Kodi:

  • Visit the Brewlabs staking page​
  • Select your Kodi staking pool
  • Connect your wallet
  • Confirm amount and begin staking

Video Tutorial:

Buyback tokens via Pitch and CookieSale revenue will be used top up pools when needed.

Do I still receive my BNB reflection while Staking?

Our staking contract is designed to ensure investors will still receive BNB reflections from trading volume while staking their tokens. There is an option for stakers to either harvest rewards earned or compound their staked tokens. A ‘compound’ button will be visible when viewing the staking pool which, if selected, will allocate tokens toward your current staked amount.

NFT Staking

Future staking pools will include the option to combine your staked Kodi tokens with your Kodi NFTs. Your Kodi NFT(s) will function as an APY multiplier. Updates will be provided once the contract is ready for deployment in the coming weeks.