Kodi Whitepaper

Pitch Agency

Your one-stop-shop advertising agency
Pitch is our Advertising Agency which operates parallel to Kodi as a subsidiary company. It is a one-stop-shop that provides all the marketing needs for a crypto project. Gone are the days of having to search high and low for legitimate partners to provide you with the services you need. Tailoring our services to you, Pitch will help get your product/service out to your target audience as directly and efficiently as possible.

Services offered:

  • custom designed Audio and/or Visual commercials and ads
  • website and logo design
  • marketing connections (i.e. celebrity influencers)
  • AMAs in the Kodi community
  • project startup consultations
Crypto projects advertised by PITCH will need to undertake a thorough vetting process through our strategic partners at Brewlabs. If they don’t already have a certified audit, they will have the option of purchasing an audit through one of our bundles. This will ensure investors have complete confidence in anything Kodi promotes.

Use Case

Our services will be offered for set prices via individual or bundled packages. Every revenue dollar earned by PITCH will be used as such:
  • 33.33% added to the Kodi marketing wallet
  • 66.67% will be added to the Kodi Treasury Contract. Funds from this contract will be used to buyback $KODI which will then be burned or used to add to our staking pools.
Price and bundles are available on the PITCH website.