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Kodi NFTs are available for purchase through Mint State Crypto
We have launched our first round of NFTs through our partners at Mint State Labs. There are a total of 3500 packs with each pack containing 3 unique NFTs. There are 7 types of rarities, all of which will have a utility via staking when our NFT staking contract development is complete.
To celebrate our first launch, we're giving away over $100,000 USD worth of prizes in select packs, including two Tesla Model 3โ€™s.

โ€‹Buy Kodi NFTs hereโ€‹

Each NFT pack costs 0.6 BNB.
The following breakdown depicts the odds of pulling a rare NFT and/or win a prize:

Rarity Breakdown and Odds

Rare 1:16
Ultra Rare 1:35
Legendary 1:109
Ultra Legendary 1:219
Godly 1:438
Near impossible 1:1167

Pize Breakdown and Odds

๐ŸŽฎ Xbox Series S (5 total) 1:1700
๐Ÿ•น PS5 (3 total) 1:1167
๐Ÿ $2000 Vacation Voucher (3 total) 1:1167
๐Ÿ’ฐ $10,000 BUSD (1 total) 1:3500
๐ŸŽ Tesla model 3 (2 total) 1:1750
A rare NFT will appear in your pack as an additional 4th NFT card. If you win a prize, it will appear as its own unique NFT.
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Buy Kodi NFTs here
Rarity Breakdown and Odds
Pize Breakdown and Odds