Kodi Whitepaper

Kodi V2 Migration

Kodi Launch and Migration

KODI V1 Launch

Token launched on September 27th, 2021 via Fair Launch.
Private Sale
A Private Sale was held for family, friends, and community members who showed an early dedication to the project. A total of 150 BNB was collected at a price equal to launch price. All participants had their tokens airdropped upon launch. These funds were used for the pre-launch marketing campaign.

Migration to V2

Kodi paused trading on January 11th, 2022 and successfully migrated to its new contract on February 8th, 2022.
📲 New Contract: 0xbA5eAB68a7203C9FF72E07b708991F07f55eF40E

Why did we migrate?

There were two essential reasons for performing the smart contract migration:

1. Removing transfer tax

The transfer tax has been removed from the new contract to make our staking utility feasible. The previous contract incorporated a transfer tax when tokens were transferred from one wallet to another. This meant investors were taxed when opting into the Kodi staking pool.

2. Contract BNB leak

A leak in the contract resulted in a small percentage of all transactions transferring BNB to the token contract address. The BNB allocated into the contract was not retrievable. The new contract not only resolved the issue, it now has a function that can retrieve BNB from the contract if an investor accidentally sends it there.