Any and all individuals in certain jurisdictions are restricted from purchasing tokens in any jurisdiction where the tokens would be deemed to be investment securities, and pursuant to other terms and conditions associated with Kodi tokens.

The Kodi site does not purport or attempt to identify or define all the risks which may be associated with the tokens or participating in the Kodi token and platform. Any participant or purchaser of the Kodi token should conduct an independent research or investigation and analysis as they feel is appropriate including, without limitation, consultation with their financial, legal, tax and accounting advisors.

Please note that all dates and figures stated may be subject to changes dependent on market conditions and other restrictions.

The information in this site should not be construed as investment advice or as a recommendation to purchase the tokens or participate in the Kodi protocol and platform or economy. This site is to be read only by potential participants who are eligible to purchase tokens and who have such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters as to be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of purchasing tokens or participating in the Kodi cryptocurrency, ecosystem, and platforms. Any Kodi participant to the project should be able to bear the risks of loss associated with the purchase of tokens or their participation in the Kodi ecosystem and associated platforms.

The contents and or dissemination of information on this site may be prohibited or restricted by the laws, regulatory requirements, and rules of certain jurisdictions. In the case where any such restrictions apply to you, you are responsible for informing yourself about, and observing any restrictions which apply to your possession of this document.

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